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Stand up Sunbed Incorporating

Infra Red Technology.

Our fantastic stand up sunbed is not just any ordinary sunbed. This Revolutionary bed has built in

Infra-Red technology that has many amazing health benefits as well as delivery optimum tanning results. These benefits are:

Physiological Benefits,

De-stresses, Promotes relaxation and enjoyment, Relieves insomnia, Provides pain relief

Improves short-term memory loss

Dermatological Benefits,

Eases acne, Eczema and psoriasis, Improves skin tone, Reduces cellulite, Assists collagen production

Circulatory Benefits,

Lowers blood pressure, Improves immune system, Increases Oxygen in the skin resulting in faster tanning

Muscular Benefits,

Eases arthritis, Relieves muscle spasms, Eases whiplash

shoulder and lumbar pain relief

**Sunbeds are restricted by law for use by over 18s only so we reserve the right to ask to see proof of age.**


3 Mins £4.10

6 Mins £5.50

9 Mins £7.00

12 Mins £9.00

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